Opinion piece: assist-Mi can help you offer exemplary customer service to your disabled customers

This image is a visual example of how the assist-Mi app works

It can be very frustrating when traveling or attending a meeting and your requested support is delayed or just not in place. This could be a thing of the past though, as assist-Mi have launched a new app/interface that has been described as the ‘ultimate concierge service’. Offering disabled people the ability to request assistance directly on their smartphone alerting the service provider in real-time.

The app has built-in GPS, which means organisations would know the exact arrival time of their customers. Making this not only a perfect reasonable adjustment that complies with the Equality Act 2010, but also a service that can be rolled out to all, giving an enhanced customer service experience.

“assist-Mi is the first app of its kind to hit the market. Free to disabled people it can be stand-alone or integrated into service provider’s own apps to give the user the reassurance that seamless, low-key assistance will be available to suit their profiled requirements, which means you enter your needs once.” Neil Herron, Strategy Director, assist-Mi.

For information about getting assist-Mi for your organisation, please contact assist-Mi today: http://www.assist-mi.com/contact-us/

Stat of the day: Supermarket website and app accessibility

By Angela Matthews

Here we are in 2014… Happy New Year!

Just before we all went on our Christmas break last year, AbilityNet released a report on the accessibility of supermarket websites and apps. As highlighted in the table below, the research shows that Tesco had the highest website accessibility ‘health score’, Ocado’s app was rated the best, and Morrison’s website had the highest percentage of ‘failed’. The table below shows a summary of the results.

Anything over 40 % means that the site is ‘useable’ but may still present difficulties. Three stars is “base level”, and two stars indicates “below minimum requirements”.







Health score

47 %

46 %

39 %

39 %

40 %


8.7 %

6 %

11.8 %

12.8 %

11.6 %

Website star rating






App star rating






The report also states that, “In the UK there are 11.2 million people with a disability. There are estimated to be 1.6 million who are registered blind, 1.5 million with cognitive difficulties, a further 3.4 million people who are otherwise IT disabled and 6 million that have dyslexia. The total spending power of these groups is now estimated at £120 billion a year.”

You can read the full report here.