Stat of the day: Ticket sales in the music industry

By Angela Matthews

A news article at the weekend showed that 285 disabled people out of 300 (95 per cent) had difficulties with trying to buy a ticket for a music performance or festival, and a further 249 out of 300 (83 per cent) were “put off” from making a purchase. Common difficulties included tickets usually needing to be bought over the phone during peak times and people often being asked to prove their disability. A disabled man quoted in the article said that he missed out on buying tickets because he was busy at work the day that the tickets became available and there was no option to buy online. This is perhaps an example of how making a service more accessible can benefit many more than just disabled people. And take a look at the business case for doing so: 2.5 million ticket sales were being missed out on, causing an annual revenue loss of £66 million!

Which is the greater financial cost of accessibility – £66 million, or creating an accessible website?

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