Stat of the day: The mobility equipment market

By Angela Matthews

This ‘Stat of the day’ is a bit money-orientated, but I found it quite interesting. I’ve been looking at a 2010 report about the mobility equipment market and was staggered by some huge numbers.

The British Healthcare Trades Association reports some massive annual figures:

Mobility products £200 million
Community equipment (i.e. products to support ‘everyday’ tasks, such as hoists, standing frames, can openers standing frames) £270 million
Pressure area care products £105 million
Ortheses (i.e. support products that are applied ‘in addition to’ the body,      such as braces and sole inserts)   £90 million
Prostheses (i.e. products used ‘in place of’ a part of the body, such as artificial limbs and hip replacements)   £55 million

This market is big business! The report quotes other providers boasting much higher estimates up to £1.67 billion. One provider puts the market for powered wheelchairs and scooters alone at £800 million.

The Department for Health estimates that there are 7 million people who would benefit from community equipment. Of this number, 3 million would be supported by the State, meaning that 4 million people are potentially self-funding their equipment.

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