Stat of the day: Accessible housing for young disabled people

By Angela Matthews

I’ve had such fun working on something for someone this morning that I’ve deleted my scheduled ‘Stat of the day’ and replaced it with this.

I’ve been looking at a 2012 report called Locked Out that surveyed 200 young disabled people (between the ages of 16 and 24) for their views on finding accessible housing. Here come the stats:

  • 90 per cent said they are as keen to get on to the property ladder as non-disabled people their age;
  • 94 per cent said that information on property websites about accessibility of the properties would help when looking for accommodation;
  • 70 per cent said it is difficult to find accessible accommodation due to the limited knowledge of estate or letting agents;
  • 40 per cent have been told by an estate or letting agent that a property is accessible but, when they go to view it, they discover that it is not accessible for them;
  • 90 per cent think that property developers do not consult enough with disabled people when they plan and build new homes;
  • 40 per cent of young people are living in accommodation that does not suit their needs.

The report makes some recommendations for property, estate, and letting agents which includes ensuring property websites include searchable accessibility information, training staff on the needs of disabled people as potential letters or buyers, adding accessible properties to the Accessible Property Register, and also to share adverts for accessible properties with disability organisations.

One of the key points emerging from the report is the idea that the property market is generally not geared up to meet the needs of disabled people perhaps because of the continued failure to understand that many disabled people live and work independently.

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